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 Love story at the first rehearsal

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MesajKonu: Love story at the first rehearsal   Salı Haz. 01, 2010 1:39 pm

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Safura’s first rehearsal became a true artistic discovery for the Eurovision fans and journalists who got the first glimpse of the previously unseen stage performance created for the Azerbaijani artist by Beyonce’s choreographer JaQuel Knight.

‘Drip Drop’ got its new life on stage in Oslo. For the first time Safura performed with her dancer - Denis Hrystuk, finalist of Ukrainian version of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. He brought his special feeling for ‘Drip Drop’ in every move to make this combination of song and dance a complete love story.

The spice of Safura’s performance that took the audience by surprise was the amazing stage set covered completely with LED screens, including the steps. The 30-square-meter podium literally becomes alive with an incredible palette of imagery and video footage that trace and accentuate the love story and waves of emotions of Drip Drop. By the way, only one of two podiums where revealed during first rehearsal – the main one. The second will be presented only at the second rehearsal.

Safura needs a lot of courage not only to sing but to perform on the higher of the podium. She is joined by four female back vocalists who are located on the lower podium, out of focus. Dummy podium was used for this part of stage composition during first rehearsal. As the song unfolds, Safura walks down the steps of the podium. Once Safura is down on the stage, the young dancer, invisible so far, enters the scene. The two beautiful people begin to tell the details of their uneasy love story. Safura’s love is complex and many-sided. She emphasizes that with a variety of dance movements, many of which are quite complicated, especially given her 12-centimeter high hills. Safura is singing, dancing and living the song with every drop of emotion and bravery on stage.

“This is a tale of love that is not simple and straightforward. Safura and the dancer tell this story in their own language. Hers is the language of the song, his is the language of the dance," explained JaQuel Knight.

More details of the Azerbaijani performance will be revealed during second rehearsal on May 22nd with first presentation of exclusive Safura’s dress, full stage composition and all carrier details besides Eurovision Song Contest.
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Love story at the first rehearsal
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