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 Who is dancing with Safura?

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MesajKonu: Who is dancing with Safura?   Salı Haz. 01, 2010 1:36 pm

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As we all know, Azerbaijani star Safura will not be alone on the stage in her performance at the second semi-final on May 27th. She will be accompanied by a young handsome and brilliant dancer whose name is Denis Khrystyuk.

Denis, a well-known dancer and a successor of Ukrainian version of “So You Think You Can Dance”, will share stage with Safura to play the role of solo dance actor and to bring life in the love story.

In the song ‘Drip Drop’ Safura speaks to her beloved, opens her soul and shows her passion for love. The whole song is an address to a young man. And Denis was invited to play his part and to show man’s part of the story through a dance.

Denis performs to express Drip Drop emotions in the dance show staged by, a globally recognized JaQuel Knight.

A dramatic mixture of contemporary and urban dance styles gives the full impression of feelings hidden in the song. Denis’ dance is meant to inspire, give a shoulder of support (which is also literally shown in the dance) and encourage for love to each other no matter what. He appears shortly after the beginning of song, then disappears and in the end comes out again to complete the show.

The solo dancer of Safura’s performance Denis Khrystyuk is a famous Ukrainian dancer. He is one of successors of country’s version of talent show “So You Think You Can Dance”. Born in Kyiv, Denis is dancing since his early childhood.

As he likes to say about himself: “There is 20% of talent and 80% of work and training”.

By his young age he has tried almost everything in dancer’s career. Denis was working with many big Ukrainian showbiz celebs. Then he had a break for five years to perform around Europe. Later on Denis eventually returned to his motherland.

At that moment he couldn’t suspect how fortunate this comeback is going to be. After tremendous success in the Ukrainian show “So You Think You Can Dance” that was broadcasted in 2008 by country’s top television channel, Denis emerged as a true dancing star.

Denis’ favorite dance styles are contemporary, jazz and classics. He was invited to dance all over the country. The extreme support from the audience played a crucial role when Denis has decided to open a dancing school in Kyiv. As he said it was his dream!
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Who is dancing with Safura?
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