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 Safura’s second rehearsal is done!

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MesajKonu: Safura’s second rehearsal is done!   Salı Haz. 01, 2010 1:34 pm

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Safura revealed the full version of her ‘Drip Drop’ stage act during the second rehearsal. In the 3 days since her 1st live performance on the Eurovision stage, Safura spent countless hours rehearsing with her dancer and backing vocalists. Safura and the team committed to make the act work absolutely smoothly as they would like to already reveal the full power of ‘Drip Drop’s’ emotion and sensuality.

The full set of stage podiums covered with LED elements has been presented on the stage. The ‘live’ podiums were created to bring to life the scenes of the overwhelming element of water, from lonely drops to a powerful rainfall to a stormy ocean. The dance of nature’s elements on the "live" podiums follows and emphasizes the drama of emotions and feelings in the song.

The dress that Safura will wear in front of the multi-million Eurovision audience is quite extraordinary. On the second rehearsal outfit has just been tested. Designer Francesca Rosella came up with a remarkable idea for an outfit that must help Safura bring the living flow of the ocean to the stage. The know-how is that the deep blue chiffon dress is equipped with small LED elements that amplify the concept of the “live” scenery of the ‘Drip Drop’ stage act. During rehearsal test images was projected on the dress and the final unique version will be presented in the second-semi final on May 27th. The short dress activated by a wireless signal at one point of the song was unfolded and revealed the long train with beautifully glittering sparkles. Francesca Rosella and the CuteCircuit Company made similar stage costumes for Katy Perry and a popular Japanese boys band ‘Hey! Say! JUMP’. Safura’s transforming multi-colour dress is a true artistic and technological masterpiece, capable of changing its colors to transmit the song’s vibe, from a calm blue ocean to the red-hot boiling emotions.
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MesajKonu: Geri: Safura’s second rehearsal is done!   Cuma Ara. 16, 2011 1:10 pm

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Safura’s second rehearsal is done!
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